Challenging All Bombers

This picture is a school house located on the bench above the Missouri River near Great Falls. This school was built while the work on the dams was being completed. When the dams became operational the area became a ghost town. In fact this is the only building remaining on the site. SOUND FAMILIAR? To think our Paradise School, beautiful and historical, could follow the same path as this school near Great Falls. It leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach doesn’t it.
The Paradise School Preservation Committee has put in countless hours, jumped through all the hoops put in front of us and have spent over two years working diligently to preserve this historical treasure known as the Paradise Grade School or Paradise School. We must remember it also was a high school for a short time.
We have done the ground work and now are asking every person that ever experienced a positive moment at this school to join us and help create the funding needed to operate the facility from June 1st, 2016 to June 1st, 2017. By this time we believe we can generate funds to maintain the facility in the future and go into another phase of our project. Once again look at this picture and make your donation today. Remember our school could be owned by someone in the private sector and the school could disappear forever along with its history, memories, and future.  Please send your donations to PESPC, PO Box 162, Paradise, Montana 59856 or go online to